The Cabinet of Charms

This is the project I was working on before the Signs and Wonders project. It's also related to the Pendle Witches and is entitled "The Cabinet of Charms". Having read the story of the Pendle Witches prior to the main project, I felt I wanted to make a piece as a tribute to the people of Pendle who were tried and hung within three days, on spurious evidence, by a fearful king. What was their real crime? Being poor. The charms on the dress all relate either to the witches themselves, or to British charms of protection. You may notice I use a lot of red thread; red thread knotted around the finger was seen as a protection against being cursed. In the creation of the charms I have tried to disperse the dark shadow cast upon these people four hundred years ago. There are four hundred different charms, one for each year. All the charms are made of natural objects found in and around Sussex and Pendle.

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